Automatic time tracking for ClickUp

timeBro is connected to ClickUp via API: timeBro shows you everything you have worked on during the day. Each program is recorded fully automatically to help you remember. This allows you to track times much faster and sync all time entries back to ClickUp with 1 click.

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Alex Dewey, SEO Specialist, libertymarketing.co.uk
It takes all the pain out of time tracking.
Alex Dewey, SEO Specialist, libertymarketing.co.uk
Jim Cota, CEO, rarebirdinc.com
Direct improvement to our net revenue.
Jim Cota, CEO, rarebirdinc.com

Stopwatches and timesheets waste your time

Businesses lose billable hours one way or another – by forgetting to track them or by constantly putting effort in it
Up to 33% is forgotten the same day
  • The more time passes – the less can be remembered
  • Especially emails and short activities get lost
  • According to a Study in Harvard Business Review
  • Average accuracy is only 67% – even if you track once a day
Stopwatches and estimates are too exhausting
  • Stopwatches and the like constantly interrupt your workflow
  • You forget to press them as soon as you start working focused
  • At the end you have to make estimates again anyway
  • Estimates are often postponed, because it's hard to remember
Marco Trutter, CEO, trumedia.de
Manual time tracking is time-consuming, involves immense inaccuracies and simply doesn't work overall.
Marco Trutter, CEO, trumedia.de

Automatically capture your time spent in work applications

timeBro's tracking allows you to remember times on projects faster – and makes sure you never lose a billable minute again

1. You don't have to do anything – timeBro tracks everything for you

  • While you are working, timeBro tracks all your computer activities fully automatically.
  • You don't have to lift a finger or press a stopwatch.
  • Everything you actively edit or read is measured to the second: Every program, every document and every e-mail.

2. You remember immediately – and make your time entries via Click & Drag

  • Your working day is displayed in real time on a timeline. The measurements displayed help you to determine periods of time accurately and assign them to projects.
  • Only you can see this timeline - the data is stored only on your device. (No cloud – 100% privacy)
  • Right next to the timeline you have a clickable field to create time blocks and assign them to projects.

3. One click - and all your time entries are synced back to ClickUp

  • You can import projects from ClickUp and export the time entries and comments back with 1 click.
  • Once you have exported the time entries, you can see them in ClickUp in the time tracking on the selected date.
  • So timeBro enters all times for you where you would normally have entered them yourself.
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Stefanie Winkler-Schloffer, Managing Director, campaigning-bureau.com
timeBro minimizes the effort for our team. As a result, times are now recorded very consistently.
Stefanie Winkler-Schloffer, Managing Director, campaigning-bureau.com

Automatic Tracking

You don't have to lift a finger

No more annoying stopwatch pressing, no more taking notes on pieces of paper. You can completely ignore time tracking and focus solely on your work. timeBro works for you in the background and measures all your times in programs fully automatically.

  • No more interruptions through time tracking
  • No more billable minute is lost
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100% privacy & data protection

A memory aid just for you

timeBro cannot be used for monitoring purposes, because all data is stored exclusively on the user's device. No one can see what you have been working on via cloud. No bosses, no colleagues and not even us at timeBro. You can also delete everything at any time.

  • No cloud - tracking data remains on the device
  • Only the user can see the measured times
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Save time & money

Remember times immediately and track them precisely

Every minute of work in any program can be quickly and accurately remembered - even after weeks or months. Periods of time are click & dragged directly next to the displayed recorded times and assigned to projects.

  • Track times and comment on times much faster
  • Remember times exactly even after weeks
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Export with only 1 click

As if you had entered the times yourself

After you have made time entries & comments on the projects you import from ClickUp, you can sync them back all at once. They will then be entered in seconds in the corresponding fields in ClickUp.

  • Enter all times & comments with 1 click in ClickUp
  • Time entries exactly where you would have normally made them yourself
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2. Select ClickUp as connected project software
  • The accounts are automatically connected
3. Import projects and start tracking
  • Project structure is imported from ClickUp
  • Times can now be synchronized

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