Time Tracker for Windows OS

timeBro is a fully automatic time tracking application that shows you what you have worked on during the day. Every work activity is tracked in the background and displayed in a timeline - right next to your synchronized calendar events.

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It takes all the pain out of time tracking.
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The time tracker application to end the time tracking hustle

Focus on what really matters – and let timeBro do the work for you

time tracker windows graphic of tracked times in timeline

Fully Automatic Time Tracker

You don't have to lift a finger

While you are working, timeBro automatically tracks all your computer activities. Everything you actively edit or read is measured to the second: Every program, every document, and every e-mail. You will never have to lift a finger to press a stopwatch or start a timer. You can completely forget about time tracking and focus on what really matters. timeBro works for you in the background.

  • No more interruptions due to manual time tracking
  • No more billable hours are lost

100% Privacy & Data Protection

Self Hosted Time Tracking

timeBro cannot be used for monitoring purposes. All data is stored exclusively on your device. No one can see what you have been working on. No bosses, no colleagues – not even us at timeBro. You can also delete everything at any time. The displayed activities serve as a reminder to precisely identify time periods and assign them to projects.

  • No tracking data on the cloud – it's only on your device
  • Only you have access to see recorded activities
time tracker windows graphic of privacy and data protection
windows time tracker graphic of booking project times

Save time & money

Keep track of working hours and book time entries precisely

timeBro assists you to remember every minute of your working days quickly and accurately – even after weeks or months. Periods of time are click & dragged directly next to the displayed recorded times and assigned to projects.

  • Track accurate times and comment on them much faster
  • Remember times exactly even after weeks

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Integration to your app environment

You can streamline your time tracking even more with an integration to one of our connected partner apps. If your desired task and time management tool isn't connected yet, feel free to contact us via the form below.

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Marco Trutter, CEO, trumedia.de
Manual time tracking is time-consuming, involves immense inaccuracies and simply doesn't work overall.
Marco Trutter, CEO, trumedia.de

timeBro's time tracking solution in a nutshell

With timeBro you'll never have to worry about inefficient & inconvenient manual time tracking again

windows time tracker graphic of applications tracked by timeBro

1. timeBro tracks every computer activity for you - every application, document, mail or browser tab is tracked down to the second.

windows time tracker graphic of timeline created by timeBro

2. Tracked working activities and synchronized calendar events are displayed in a timeline.

windows time tracker example of booking working time to projects and tasks

3. Export timesheets or make your time entries to connected partner apps – lightning fast via Click & Drag

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