timeBro Small Business or timeBro Enterprise?

timeBro Small Business exports your timesheet to MS Excel – timeBro Enterprise exports to your project software
119 € / user
9,92 € / month per user
(excl. taxes)
149 € / user
12,42 € / month per user
(excl. taxes)

Find out how many hours you could regain

Work time can be forgotten or assigned to the wrong projects – which will cost you either revenue or capacity
1. What’s your monthly potential?
How many employees?
Average hourly rate?
Overall hours
174 €
Potential revenue
8,700 €
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2. How much time can you utilize?
Time employees actually work on projects?
Billable hours (mth)
Target revenue (mth)
6,100 €
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3. How accurate is your time tracking?
How many employees track time…
…every 2-3 days?
…once a week?
…less than once a week?
Time tracking accuracy
36 %
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Results (mth)
Your monthly time tracking…
with timeBro
Time tracking accuracy
36 %
Billable hours assigned to the right projects
Billable hours forgotten or assigned to the wrong projects
You are losing 78 hours a month of which you could regain 72 with timeBro.
If you use timeBro
Your regained hours
Revenue, if you bill these hours
3,600 €
43,200 €
Your investment in timeBro
15 €
149 €
Invest 149 € to increase your potential revenue by 43,200 €.
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