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Marco Zingler, CEO,
timeBro relieves users from the daily grind of time tracking.
Marco Zingler, CEO,
Polly McLean, Attorney,
The tool shows to the minute what I've been working on.
Polly McLean, Attorney,

Track project times faster and more accurately

Automatic time recording for your projects – connected to your project software via API
1. You don't have to do anything – timeBro records everything for you
  • While you are working, timeBro records all your computer activities fully automatically.
  • You don't have to lift a finger or press a stopwatch.
  • Every minute that you are actively editing or reading is recorded to the second: Every program, every document and every e-mail.
2. Look at your day – and remember immediately
  • Your working day is displayed in real time on a timeline.
  • Only you can see this timeline - the data is stored exclusively on your device. (100% privacy)
  • The displayed activities serve as your reminder to precisely identify time periods and assign them to projects.
3. Make your time entries – lightning fast via Click & Drag
  • Right next to the timeline you have a clickable field to create time entries and assign them to projects.
  • You can import projects from your project software and sync all time entries back with just 1 click.
  • Or you can create projects in timeBro and export time entries as PDF, CSV or timesheet to Excel.
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Marco Trutter, CEO,
Manual time tracking is time-consuming, involves immense inaccuracies and simply doesn't work overall.
Marco Trutter, CEO,

Stopwatches and timesheets waste your time

Businesses lose billable hours one way or another – by forgetting to track them or by constantly putting effort in it
Up to 33% is forgotten the same day
  • The more time passes – the less can be remembered
  • Especially emails and short activities get lost
  • According to a Study in Harvard Business Review
  • Average accuracy is only 67% – even if you track once a day
Stopwatches and estimates are too exhausting
  • Stopwatches and the like constantly interrupt your workflow
  • You forget to press them as soon as you start working focused
  • At the end you have to make estimates again anyway
  • Estimates are often postponed, because it's hard to remember
Stefanie Winkler-Schloffer, Managing Director,
timeBro minimizes the effort for our team. As a result, times are now recorded very consistently.
Stefanie Winkler-Schloffer, Managing Director,

Forget about time tracking for good

Never worry about losing time or money with time tracking again – while you can focus on what really matters

No sign up required – just click through the demo

Save and regain hours

  • No stopwatches – no time tracking hustle
  • Regain hours that would've been forgotten

Increase Project Profitability

  • Increase revenue & capacity by accuracy
  • Less projects understaffed or over budget

100% Privacy

  • No one can see your captured activities – not your boss, not your colleagues and of course not us
  • Database only on your device – not in the cloud
Jim Cota, CEO,
Direct improvement to our net revenue.
Jim Cota, CEO,
Gero Pflüger, Owner,
We used to miscalculate our retainers.
Gero Pflüger, Owner,

Try it for free. You lose nothing. Especially not time.

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