Makes automatic time tracking finally automatic

timeBro captures your work time automatically and allocates it to projects for you – then it fills out your time sheet

timeBro works for you in the background

All activities and calendar entries are recorded as time blocks and can be allocated to projects automatically or via drag & drop
End of the day
1. The project overview opens to show the captured totals of working hours on the various projects.
2. Users check & edit their totals and drag & drop a few time blocks to projects.
2-3 min later
3. Then they just click to forward the totals to MS Excel or to the given company software.
security Our core value is 100% Privacy
timeBro is not a surveillance tool. It’s nothing but a helping hand to count and log working hours. Nobody can access the data and nobody apart from the user knows the time blocks that the total hours consist of.

The perfect extension for your Project Software

timeBro reduces your effort for time tracking to the absolute minimum – while increasing data quality tremendously

Let's get a 10 minute demo of timeBro

Our online demo is personalised and short - just get in touch with us and we'll send your a schedule

For freelancer and companies without project software

we reccomend our Stand-Alone Product
timeBro Small Business
which tracks hours automatically and creates time sheets in MS Excel

For companies with a project software

we recommend our integrated product
timeBro Enterprise
which tracks hours automatically and trasnmits them through an API to the desired project software
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