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Automatic time tracking for your projects

timeBro automatically captures all computer activities, calendar entrys and absence times – to help you remember
1. Capture your day
Get all your computer activities, meetings and offline time captured automatically for you.
2. Assign time slots
Use what timeBro captured for you as a memory aid to easily assign time slots to projects.
3. Export with 1 click
Export your hours on projects that day to your given project software with just one click.

Time tracking is a waste of your time

Businesses lose billable hours one way or another – by forgetting to track them or by constantly putting effort in it
Up to 33% is forgotten the same day
  • The more time passes, the less can be remembered.
  • According to a Study in Harvard Business Review
  • Average accuracy is only 67% – even if you track once a day
Employees are constantly distracted
  • It's either working focused – or keeping an eye on the clock
  • Constant tracking effort easily adds up to 20-40 minutes a day
  • Interruptions for time tracking harm your productivity (study)

Forget about time tracking for good

Get timeBro and never worry about losing time or money with time tracking again
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Find out how many hours you could regain

Work time can be forgotten or assigned to the wrong projects – which will cost you either revenue or capacity
1. What’s your monthly potential?
How many employees?
Average hourly rate?
Overall hours
Potential revenue
17,400 €
Enter your data to calculate
2. How much time can you utilize?
Time employees actually work on projects?
Billable hours (mth)
Target revenue (mth)
12,200 €
Enter your data to calculate
3. How accurate is your time tracking?
How many employees track time…
…every 2-3 days?
…once a week?
…less than once a week?
Time tracking accuracy
36 %
Enter your data to calculate
Results (mth)
Your monthly time tracking…
with timeBro
Time tracking accuracy
36 %
Billable hours assigned to the right projects
Billable hours forgotten or assigned to the wrong projects
You are losing 78 hours a month of which you could regain 72 with timeBro.
If you use timeBro
Your regained hours
Revenue, if you bill these hours
7,200 €
86,400 €
Your investment in timeBro
16.33 €
159 €
Invest 159 € to increase your potential revenue by 86,400 €.
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